Advertisers had a great reason to be excited when Instagram announced the release of vertical, full-screen stories ads. Instagram story ads are the alternative representative to the Instagram news feed ads. Instagram had two million active monthly advertisers in September 2021, which are all limited to the Instagram news feed. The Instagram story ads were not only the latest feature but an attractive one. Buy Instagram story views to attract more viewers for your stories ads and suddenly advertisers had access to the super great ad format. Instagram story ads are immersive, vertical, and full screen. Four hundred million accounts of Instagram, everyday consumers, and businesses use Instagram stories to keep their audiences and followers.

Instagram story ads are available within Instagram stories features. Instagram stories available at the top of your Instagram news feed. Instagram stories are naturally also vertical and full screen. So all you see on your mobile device is the story content itself when you watch them on your mobile devices.  


The next story will begin when you swipe through manually, or it is ending simply.  The Instagram stories ads give you the ability to add links within your ads posts, but only if you have more than 10000 followers or verified account Instagram users. There are seven objectives now for which Instagram story ads are available. Recently brand awareness was added. 

TRAFFIC: sending more users to your webpage or website.

Generation Leading: drive leads to sales like phone numbers and email addresses.

The application installs: grab more users to install your application.

Conversations:  drive more valuable and great actions on your website or app.

Views of videos:  to view your video content get more people.

Reach:  show your Instagram stories ad to a maximum number of users/people.

Awareness of brand: increase brand awareness by finding people more likely to be interested in it.

You can create your Instagram stories ads in ads manager or creative hub. Select the objective for your marketing in an existing or new campaign.  Refine your budgeting, targeting, and audiences. Instagram stories ads are the new content format with new creative features. 

When you create your Instagram story, and you have 3 types of sizing format to choose from: 4:5 vertical, 1.91:1 landscape, and 1:1 square.  1080 * 1920 is the recommended resolution, but you can also go as low as 600 *1067. 

IMAGE RECOMMENDATION: by default, the image shows only five seconds; five seconds is the maximum length. 30 MB is the maximum file size.  .png or .jpg is the recommended file type.

VIDEO RECOMMENDATION: vp8 AND h.264 ID is the supported code. The video length is up to fifteen seconds. 4 Gb is the maximum size of the file. .mov, and .mp4 is the recommended file type.


You can target your Instagram users depending on the following five segments: engagements, offline activity, app activity, website traffic, and custom file.