5 Best Practices To Use Instagram Reels To Build Brand Engagement

Reels are an Instagram insight feature that is introduced recently in over 50+ countries. It allows you to make fifteen seconds of video and share it with your friends or Instagram community. With the Reels, you have more opportunity to reach a broader audience because Instagram has one billion monthly active users as well as plenty of people who love to watch and spend more time on short-form video content. Here are the guides to use Instagram Reels.

1. Select Reels Mode

Open the Instagram camera and select the Reels option at the bottom of the screen.

2. Use Editing Features

You’ll see four editing options on the left side of your camera screen. 

  • Audio: Which enables you to add popular music from Instagram’s music library or add your original audio.
  • Speed: Control your video’s speed, like slow down or fast forward depends on your preference.
  • Effect: Tapping this icon to add filter effects to your video. Try each and choose the best for your content. Stories and Reels both have similar filters. 
  • Timer: Select the timer icon to set the video’s length and then record your video. When you use a timer, you don’t want to stop the record tab after the video recording is finished.

3. Share pre-recorded clips or Record Your Reels

Press the camera tab to record your video as a film style. Take away the finger from the record tab. Hold the record tab again to start a second clip that will begin immediately after the first clip ends. Similarly, record multi clips for your Reels video. Simultaneously, tap the camera roll to upload videos while you have already recorded the video.

4. Edit Your Video

You didn’t add effects in before your recording started. Don’t worry. You can add stickers, emojis, text, and draw over the video. Your editing process is completed, and then click the next arrow tab to publish your Reel video.

5. Preview & Share Your Content

Reviewing the video to ensure you’re making your Reel perfectly. After that, click the next arrow tab to select a cover image, add a caption and hashtags. Finally, share your content on your profile feed page, stories, or dedicated space on the explore page.

Using relevant hashtags is more important because people use hashtags to search videos that they want to watch. This implies that you need to use the right hashtags while posting videos to reels as well. When you use relevant and precise hashtags, you can gain more engagement and garner more audience for your profile. In addition to using hashtags,  you could choose Planyourgram Instagram Reels views to enhance content visibility just in a few seconds from the time you post content to reels.

Final Thoughts

Most business people are already using Instagram Reels to develop their business skyrocket height. So, try to use Reels to build your brand strongly to the audiences. Know about the audience and post content best time to increase engagement rate. Track the result to create high-quality content for the visitors.