1. Host a contest or giveaway
  2. Host a takeover on Instagram
  3. Ask your audience to engage in the comments 
  4. Post something provocative, surprising, and funny
  5. Post video content
  6. Use relevant and best hashtags
  7. Post at the right times of week and day
  8. Post pictures of people’s faces
  9. Post pictures of animals
  10. Respond to the comments 
  11. To make eye-catching captions, use relevant emojis
  12.  Frequently post more content
  13. Promote a future question and answer and ask your audience to comment with their questions


In June 2016, Instagram changed its algorithm to show the content of users. The ranking on an algorithm of Instagram is based on the following things:

  • How recently you posted
  • If the audience has interacted with your post in the past
  • The number of comments and likes a post has

If your organic posts on Instagram get engagement from your audience, it makes positive feedback. The more people comment and like the post, the greater likelihood it will display on Instagram’s Explore tab.


Make sure that new audiences can find your posts by just opening your Instagram profile. Go to your profile, tap on the “(gear icon)settings” option in the right-hand upper side corner, and change the Private account button to the “Off” position.


Turn on your push notifications so that you can like your follower’s comments quickly or quickly reply to your follower’s comments. The more followers interact with your profile, the higher on their Instagram feed your posts will appear, whether it is video or posts or Stories. Go to your profile, and tap the “(gear icon)settings” option in the right-hand upper side corner. Select Push Notification Setting, and select which action on Instagram that you want to be notified for.


People will not comment or like uninteresting content, so create different videos and photos to keep your Instagram feed interesting and fresh. Manage to editing and scheduling of Instagram. Buy Instagram comments to get more comments for your Instagram posts.


Timing is an important factor in Instagram algorithms. You can also use third-party applications to keep track of your posts.


An easy and fun way to get your audience to comment on your posts is by hosting an Instagram giveaway or contest. You could post on Instagram that promotes the contest and then ask your followers to enter by commenting on your Instagram post. You can also make your Instagram contest a week-long duration campaign, where audiences have to comment each day. You could even incorporate UGC user-generated content and ask users to post their own posts and to mention or tag your product or services in the post. 


Takeovers on Instagram are a fun and easy way to get new content on your Instagram to work with influencers and colleagues. Takeovers are a great way to generate more engagement rates on Instagram. Instagram takeovers are done often from the perspective of:

  • Another organization in your industry
  • An influencers
  • A colleague

The takeover on Instagram helps you to generate more comments.


 A simple way to get more Instagram likes is to buy automatic Instagram likes. Comments are an easy and fun way to interact with your followers, and it also helps you to get more comments for your posts. Post content on Instagram that lends to tag their coworker and friends in the comments.


IGTV is an abbreviation of Instagram TV. Instagram announced the IGTV platform in June in the year 2018. IGTV is a brand new platform for sharing a vertical form of long video content. Landscape videos are now accepted by IGTV, in addition to vertical videos. Still, IGTV is the home for long-form video content on the well-liked video and photo-sharing social media network. To get popular among others, buy Instagram TV views from this site. 


IGTV or Instagram TV is a feature within the IG application itself and a standalone application that permits longer-form videos to be uploaded on Instagram and streamed on Instagram. Instagram TV is meant to be viewed on smartphones. 


What are the advantages of IGTV over the IG Stories and IG feed? Most evidently, you can share longer-form videos. As you likely know, you are limited to one-minute videos in the IG feed and fifteen seconds videos in the IG Story. But there are a few other advantages of Instagram TV as well: no advertisements, IG is pushing Instagram TV in the feed, deeper storytelling, mobile-first.


First, you have to upload your videos by clicking on the sign “+” in the IGTV section of Instagram or in the IGTV application. And then add a title and description to your videos.  Once you posted the title will appear on the upper side of your IGTV. the description will appear by tapping the title. To attain more likes, buy Instagram TV likes from this site. You can share your IGTV videos on your Facebook feed by setting the option “Make Visible on Facebook,” and also, you can post a preview of your IGTV video in Instagram by setting the “Post a Preview” option. And finally, tap the “Post” option to upload your videos. And now viewers will be able to comment, like, and share your Instagram TV videos.



  • The file format is MP4.
  • Landscape: 16:9 ratio or vertical 9:16 ratio
  • Square-type videos will be cropped to the landscape or vertical player, with the part of the video being cut off. 
  • For videos with ten minutes or less, 6650MB is the size limit.
  • For the videos up to one hour, 3.6MB is the size limit.
  • The minimum rate of the frame is 30 FPS (frames per seconds)
  • Seven hundred twenty pixels is the minimum resolution. 


  • Fifteen seconds is the minimum video length.
  • The maximum length of the videos may differ up to sixty minutes.


The recommended size of the cover image is 1:1.55 (420 pixels by 654pixels ) 


  • Go BTS (behind the scenes)
  • Show your expertise
  • Share your inspiration
  • Complete ideas and tips (tutorials and how-tos)
  • Weekly series
  • Customer stories
  • Product demo (showcase your products in details or different angles)
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ)( share some  answers to common queries about your services, products, brands, and business)
  • Ensure your video is on brands 
  • Consider the interface of IGTV
  •  Tease the latest content of IGTV in the feed
  • Measure your results


Advertisers had a great reason to be excited when Instagram announced the release of vertical, full-screen stories ads. Instagram story ads are the alternative representative to the Instagram news feed ads. Instagram had two million active monthly advertisers in September 2021, which are all limited to the Instagram news feed. The Instagram story ads were not only the latest feature but an attractive one. Buy Instagram story views to attract more viewers for your stories ads and suddenly advertisers had access to the super great ad format. Instagram story ads are immersive, vertical, and full screen. Four hundred million accounts of Instagram, everyday consumers, and businesses use Instagram stories to keep their audiences and followers.

Instagram story ads are available within Instagram stories features. Instagram stories available at the top of your Instagram news feed. Instagram stories are naturally also vertical and full screen. So all you see on your mobile device is the story content itself when you watch them on your mobile devices.  


The next story will begin when you swipe through manually, or it is ending simply.  The Instagram stories ads give you the ability to add links within your ads posts, but only if you have more than 10000 followers or verified account Instagram users. There are seven objectives now for which Instagram story ads are available. Recently brand awareness was added. 

TRAFFIC: sending more users to your webpage or website.

Generation Leading: drive leads to sales like phone numbers and email addresses.

The application installs: grab more users to install your application.

Conversations:  drive more valuable and great actions on your website or app.

Views of videos:  to view your video content get more people.

Reach:  show your Instagram stories ad to a maximum number of users/people.

Awareness of brand: increase brand awareness by finding people more likely to be interested in it.

You can create your Instagram stories ads in ads manager or creative hub. Select the objective for your marketing in an existing or new campaign.  Refine your budgeting, targeting, and audiences. Instagram stories ads are the new content format with new creative features. 

When you create your Instagram story, and you have 3 types of sizing format to choose from: 4:5 vertical, 1.91:1 landscape, and 1:1 square.  1080 * 1920 is the recommended resolution, but you can also go as low as 600 *1067. 

IMAGE RECOMMENDATION: by default, the image shows only five seconds; five seconds is the maximum length. 30 MB is the maximum file size.  .png or .jpg is the recommended file type.

VIDEO RECOMMENDATION: vp8 AND h.264 ID is the supported code. The video length is up to fifteen seconds. 4 Gb is the maximum size of the file. .mov, and .mp4 is the recommended file type.


You can target your Instagram users depending on the following five segments: engagements, offline activity, app activity, website traffic, and custom file.

5 Best Practices To Use Instagram Reels To Build Brand Engagement

Reels are an Instagram insight feature that is introduced recently in over 50+ countries. It allows you to make fifteen seconds of video and share it with your friends or Instagram community. With the Reels, you have more opportunity to reach a broader audience because Instagram has one billion monthly active users as well as plenty of people who love to watch and spend more time on short-form video content. Here are the guides to use Instagram Reels.

1. Select Reels Mode

Open the Instagram camera and select the Reels option at the bottom of the screen.

2. Use Editing Features

You’ll see four editing options on the left side of your camera screen. 

  • Audio: Which enables you to add popular music from Instagram’s music library or add your original audio.
  • Speed: Control your video’s speed, like slow down or fast forward depends on your preference.
  • Effect: Tapping this icon to add filter effects to your video. Try each and choose the best for your content. Stories and Reels both have similar filters. 
  • Timer: Select the timer icon to set the video’s length and then record your video. When you use a timer, you don’t want to stop the record tab after the video recording is finished.

3. Share pre-recorded clips or Record Your Reels

Press the camera tab to record your video as a film style. Take away the finger from the record tab. Hold the record tab again to start a second clip that will begin immediately after the first clip ends. Similarly, record multi clips for your Reels video. Simultaneously, tap the camera roll to upload videos while you have already recorded the video.

4. Edit Your Video

You didn’t add effects in before your recording started. Don’t worry. You can add stickers, emojis, text, and draw over the video. Your editing process is completed, and then click the next arrow tab to publish your Reel video.

5. Preview & Share Your Content

Reviewing the video to ensure you’re making your Reel perfectly. After that, click the next arrow tab to select a cover image, add a caption and hashtags. Finally, share your content on your profile feed page, stories, or dedicated space on the explore page.

Using relevant hashtags is more important because people use hashtags to search videos that they want to watch. This implies that you need to use the right hashtags while posting videos to reels as well. When you use relevant and precise hashtags, you can gain more engagement and garner more audience for your profile. In addition to using hashtags,  you could choose Planyourgram Instagram Reels views to enhance content visibility just in a few seconds from the time you post content to reels.

Final Thoughts

Most business people are already using Instagram Reels to develop their business skyrocket height. So, try to use Reels to build your brand strongly to the audiences. Know about the audience and post content best time to increase engagement rate. Track the result to create high-quality content for the visitors.

IGTV Tips & Tricks: 5 Ways To Enhance Your Engagement And Reach

Are you worried about the short time limit of Instagram stories and pots?, Luckily, you have IGTV to create long-form content, which is the latest addition on Instagram. At a minimum, you can create a video of about 15 seconds and a maximum of up to 10 minutes. If you are a verified user, then you are allowed one hour to shoot your video. Suppose you have already created a channel and posted at least one video. Then you will spot a new tab on your Instagram profile with an IGTV icon. IGTV on Instagram is actually good news for marketers to enhance their business via this platform. 

If you are new to IGTV, don’t worry; continue reading to know more details and the IGTV channel. 

Let’s dive into,

Why does IGTV Matter?

Video content plays a significant role in content marketing strategies. The research study shows that nearly 87% of marketers are using videos as a marketing tool. On top of that, 83% of marketers accept that video content provides them enough investment return.

So, business owners are getting more benefits on IGTV. It is easy for marketers to promote their business in this stage. 

If you have more followers on Instagram, you can create a video in 1 hour. Now, it’s possible to create portrait and vertical videos. 

IGTV Requirements 

  • Your IGTV video should be in MP4 format while uploading.
  • The frame rate is 30 frames per second. 
  • File size for 10 minutes long is 650MB
  • The file size for 60 minutes long is 3.6GB.
  • Keep in mind your video must have at least 15 seconds.
  • The ratio for vertical videos 9:16 and 16:9 for landscape 

Tips To Grab Engagement On IGTV 

Hashtags Are Must

Like all social media, hashtags are important for IGTV to get your video displayed on the explore page. You can simply include them in your description part. Ensure you have used relevant hashtags. Adding hashtags in the videos give more visibility and engagement rate. If you aim to gain engagement with your IGTV video, then buy IGTV comments to get audience interaction. Before choosing hashtags for your video, do some research to get the best hashtags. 

Include A Clickable Call-To-Action 

One of the biggest advantages of IGTV is, you can add clickable call-to-action. You can put your link in your description part. So, use this to add the desired landing page to your product page or blog page. Also, include it at least once, and influence your audience to click the link. 

Keep Your Video Short 

Of course, you have one to create your IGTV videos, but people find it hard to engage with long time videos. People always like to watch short and crisp videos rather than lengthy ones. So, optimize your video length according to your audience’s wish. When you create lengthy videos, monitor your Instagram TV insights and check how your audience is engaged with your content.

Add Subtitles

Did you know? Most people like to watch muted IGTV videos that are without sound. It is good to include subtitles for all your videos. Otherwise, you can pick mild and pleasant sounds.

Promote Your Instagram TV Elsewhere  

You can make use of Instagram stories and feeds to promote your IGTV videos. By sharing this, you can bring more reach and visibility. Moreover, you can share your video on other channels to get maximum exposure. 


I think you know a few tips to increase engagement and grow your IGTV channel. IGTV is new to marketers, but still, everyone started looking towards it. Enough is enough; now it’s time to start your own IGTV channel. Sure, these tips will assist you in developing your InstagramTV.

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

How To Measure The Performance of Your Instagram Account

Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms, with more than one billion active users. The hottest part of Instagram is its stories. It enables everyone to create, edit, and share stories in different formats. 

Instagram is the most powerful social media network for brand promotion. Most of the brands using this platform to implement their reach and growth. 

Tracking social media metrics is crucial to build your account and grow an effective following.  

Instagram analytics is a free built-in tool, and everyone can access it to measure their analytics. 

This article will see the most important metrics to know your account’s success and make development. 

Instagram Stories Engagement 

Instagram stories are the trending part of this app, and you can see two things for these stories feed, such as view and exit. You need an Instagram business account to access the insight of your profile. 

The views part helps to know how many unique viewers saw your posts. The more views your stories get, the more followers you will gain for your account.

The exit part helps to know which one of your stories slide holds the audience’s interests, and when they exited your story. 

Number of Comments Per Post

Comments are worth more, and it helps to know how well the audience receives your content. It is the second tap at the button of your post. TikTok analytics shows that the total number of comments your posts gains. It displays the results for every individual post.  

It is also a great metric to understand which one of your posts gets more comments. Even, you can know what type of content the audience has expected from you. 

If your audience really engages in a particular type of content, you can get more engagement for that post. 

Instagram Reach 

It is one of the important metrics to develop your Instagram account. You can access this reach within your Instagram insights part. The reach metrics help the total number of audience who have seen your post more time. 

It is one of the important insights to measure how many people actually see your posts. If you want to increase your reach gradually, you can use this site https://www.planyourgram.com/, which helps you to receive a huge number of people to visit your content. 

Another way to improve your stories reach is by using trending and relevant hashtags with your posts. Beyond the total reach, you can track your reach rate. It helps to know the percentage of your followers that watch your stories. For example, if you have 200 reach and 1000 followers, you can divide 200 by 1000. Your reach rate is 20%. 

Website Traffic

It is one of the important metrics for your account growth. Compared to other social media apps, Instagram can be an effective platform to drive traffic to your website. 

By tracking these metrics, you can measure how much traffic your website receives by using Instagram social media.  

You are able to add links for your bio section only, so the Instagram platform is more limited than other social platforms because you can’t add clickable links to each post. 

Instagram Followers Growth Rate 

Followers are the pillars of your account growth. The follower’s growth rate gives you a clear idea about whether your business maximizes its reach and gains new audience attention. 

The follower’s growth rate is calculated as the following format: 

number of followers you gained/number of followers you started

For example, if you have 500 followers and gain 50 new followers in a month, your follower’s growth rate is 10%. 

These are some important metrics you need to know your account’s growth. If you have an Instagram business account, these metrics will help you know about your business growth level and develop your business worldwide. 


TikTok is winned by Instagram, a copycat for sharing short videos and making short videos. TikTok is used by millions and millions of people around the globe to making entertaining videos, fun videos, and short videos and sharing entertaining videos, fun videos, and short videos. Some inspiration is taken by Instagram from TikTok and brings a format of short-form video clip called Reels on Instagram. Instagram application is started simply as a social media application to sharing photos and videos with your friends and followers. Instagram has become so much than the photo-sharing app in recent years. Instagram, the massive social media application, is trying continuously to bringing new special features to Instagram to bring the audiences to come back to the app for more, and the latest Instagram feature is called Instagram Reels. The newest way to creating video content and sharing the video content on Instagram is called as Instagram Reels. Other than video features like your Instagram story, Instagram TV, and an Instagram live video, Instagram Reels works in a new way.


Instagram allows people to record 15-sec videos and share the 15-sec video with their audiences and their followers. If you have a public account on Instagram, then your Reels will be shown up in Instagram’s Explore feed. Reels on Instagram let you use more than one clips and multiple clips and multi clips like the biggest social media platform TikTok, unlike the story on Instagram, which also can capture video, and you can edit those videos with different fun features, GIF’s, and different types of emojis. Multiple effects are there for your videos so that you can add to any of our Reels in the 15 seconds videos, as well as you can add music to your Reels video through Instagram music. Buy Instagram Reels views for getting morre views for your videos. There is also some fun filling special features line playback speed-changing of the clip like slow down the speed of the video and fast up the speed of the videos and a feature named as aligning that allows the people to line uping the Reels clips, so with the help of this feature you can try to be in the particular spot in the every reel clips.


The Instagram interface becomes more easy and pretty similar if you have already used the Instagram platform to make the videos for our IGTV and Instagram story, but a few more options are given by the Instagram Reels for you to create such amazing video content. You can tap and hold on the Instagram camera for recording your first Reels video.


More than a billion users are counting. Features and functions for businesses are newly being rolled on a daily basis. The hype is a real thing—the ever-changing Instagram algorithm is very challenging for businesses and brands for looking to increase their engagement rate.


Businesses and brands often obsess over their captions and photos so much that they used to forget the important thing on their profile on Instagram. That is nothing but a bio.

Your profile biodata will represent a valuable and seriously real estate. Here are some tips for your bio for your brand and business success.  

  • A brief description of your brand or brief description of your business that will speak to your voice 
  • A slogan for your brand or slogan for your business
  • A hashtag with branded type to encouraging the sharing option and tagging option.
  • A relevant specific Instagram bio link that has to point to your promotion or a homepage.
  • For encouraging your brand and businesses, you have to add a hashtag so that people will use it as an option for tagging and as an option for sharing.

One of the biggest content strategies among all others is get Instagram reach. Right now, Instagram stories represent the clear priority of Instagram. Audience polls and story ads are the special new features.  Kings of the content are the stories. Straight forward video editing was allowed by more native applications such as hyperlapse and boomerang. If you are looking for the best tips to grow your reach on Instagram, start to look at how you post on time. In detail, how your content is going on live and what time and how frequently you post posts such as videos or photos. Consider that most popular brands are used used to publishing to the platform at least once per day. Create an Instagram caption in a great way. Because it is the same important as a bio that meets the people’s eye. Drive followers and fans by using the below tips and tricks:

  • Pointing people to your link of bio
  • Publishing the “tag a friend” hashtags to encouraging the user’s conversation.
  • Encouraging sharing via programs and hashtags
  • And asking questions

Play full like captions do geat for putting the personality of the brads on display and encourage actions. Hashtags will encourage the people to t easily searchable for your posts. One of the huge main mistakes made by brands is that they do talking all on Instagram. Promoting your Instagram presence for all your existing fans and customers by using social media buttons embedded in your feed on your Instagram homepage is a great start.  Replying to the tags and questions from your fans and followers is great customer service and a positive side for increasing your rate of Instagram engagement.  Use wild snapshots and selfies. Customer photos and product photos are some great tips to increase the engagement rates among your competitors.

Buy Instagram Story Views – Choose The Right Vendor By Considering The Important Things

There is a number of social media website, and one among them is Instagram. After Facebook has been a little old, Instagram has been very popular among people. Instagram is a popular social media website where you can share your stories and posts and can see and like the posts from other people. There are plenty of people using Instagram as it has been widely popular. Instagram is all about the views and likes, and therefore, there is a great trend of buying like and views these days.

As there is a great trend to Buy Instagram Story Views, there are plenty of vendors of this service. When you are buying the views online for your story from a vendor, it is very necessary that you choose the best one. There are a number of things that you need to consider in order to get the best one of the available vendors. In the forthcoming paragraphs, we are going to tell you about them.

The originality of the views

As there are plenty of vendors, there are some of them that are fake, and therefore, the likes sold by them are not at all reliable. Before you choose the vendor, it is essential to check the reliability of the vendor. Prefer checking the reliability of the likes and views from the other users of the Instagram who have bought the service prior to you.

The reputation of the seller

The reputation of the seller is an important thing to check; it is the reflection of the service provided by the vendor. The reputation tells about the seller of the views if it is a good choice or not. Therefore it is essential that you check the reputation and choose the seller that has a good reputation in the market.


Among the important considerations, there are reviews of the customers that can tell you about the site if it is right for you or not. At the online portal, from where you are going to buy instagram story views with fast delivery, you should check the reviews of the previous customers of the site so that you can know about the quality and the reliability of the service provide by it.

The last words

The essential things to consider choosing the best vendor for Instagram are covered here. If you keep the given points in mind and implement while your search, you can easily get the best site to Buy Instagram Story Views to boost your profile.