5 Remarkable Ways To Get TikTok Views For Your Videos

With the rise of TikTok’s popularity, people take advantage of the platform for all kinds of things like entertainment, marketing, and even monetization. Though the video limit is short (15-1 Minute), it can reach millions of people. However, it’s a bit hard to gain more followers and viewers for your profile and videos. Unless you deliver unique content, TikTok will be a complex platform to survive, but you can create a revolution with better planning. 

Everyone is trying very hard to decode the solution to gain TikTok views and likes, and we are going to discuss the formula behind it. The TikTok algorithm is also the main element that decides the amount of engagement and video optimization on FYP. 

Without any delay, let’s dive in and see all the influential factors to decide views on TikTok.

Different Ways To Get TikTok Views

#1 Hashtags – For TikTok Videos

TikTok hashtags are the essential factors that discover a whole new set of audiences and contents through the discover page. But picking the right hashtag for your content is an arduous task to do. When you prefer a specific hashtag for your content, choose the one with less competition because the hashtag with more competition can vanish your content in the vast ocean of content. 

Do relevant research to know what kind of hashtags will work the best for your content. For example, when performing a viral lip-syncing challenge, you can add a most trending hashtag to it. 

Guidelines to apply a hashtag,

  • Repetition of the hashtags can be avoided.
  • Adding 2 to 3 hashtags is ideal for content survival.
  • Make combinations like one most popular, one less popular, and one relating sound.
  • Look for the number of views for the specific hashtag. 

#2 Be Creative And Make High-Quality Videos

A high-quality video would require a good investment, but in the case of good quality videos, one must have the best camera, best lighting effect and background, and sound editing software. If you use a smartphone to make films, you could get used to iPhones and use the hit and trial methods to shoot the best angle. 

Picking up an aesthetic background for your videos is the best way to cover up the audience as it may look soothing and appealing. Anyone can make the best video but not good editing. Yes, editing is the part that requires patience and hard work, and by doing so, the best version after the video edition is acquired, which has an ultimate difference compared to the original one.  

Small investments and innovations can make a video go a long way and gain your succession, increasing views, likes, and bot. 

#3 Collaborate With TikTok Influencers

First, knowing your goal and targets will help you determine the campaign that suits you, and after that, you could pick the best influencer to execute your campaign. 

Most effective influencers have a presence on multiple platforms, so look at the popular ones with high social media fame. When you purchase TikTok views from Bouxtie, you are likely to gain an incredible amount of new audiences. At the same time, engagement rate is the breaking point when it comes to appealing TikTok videos. 

You can even create a buyer persona, which would help you identify the audience or know the actual data on the existing customers and some educated assumptions. Also, it tells you to understand and relate to the audiences that you wish to market your products. 

#4 Use Trending Effects On Your TikTok Videos

One of the working ways to get views on TikTok is using the trending effects and sounds. Usually, this means creating videos based on viral sound effects, or the songs can also give your video a high pitch. A well-known theory among the TikTokers is that adding a trending sound to the video at a low volume can trick the algorithm by showing content to more people. 

The theory of the TikTokers might be true or not, but there is one thing for sure: TikTok’s algorithm shows users content similar to the content based on their past interactions. However, tons of people watch trend-based videos and if you are the one who joins trends, try improving your individuality by being discovered by the users. 

Pro-tip: Trends come and go very quickly; using them at their season will work wonders and gain you more views on TikTok. 

#5 Cross-Promote Videos on Other Platforms

If you are an avid user of social media, you would have noticed many people share their favorite TikTok videos to other platforms. For brands, this cross-promotion can effectively boost the TikTok content by utilizing their communities in different social media, like Instagram and Twitter. 

TikTok’s short videos can easily fit into the Instagram stories, and by adding a perfect call-to-action, you can encourage viewers to check out the TikTok account. Insert your TikTok’s link in Instagram’s bio in order to gain more followers on TikTok. 

Do not forget to post it on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, as the field’s followers may become fans of your TikTok account. You would wonder how it is possible for TikTok videos on Pinterest, but most of the videos are displayed in the Pinterest application. 

Bonus Tip

Do A Complete Research

This is the most important and perhaps the most challenging task to be achieved in the social media game. When you post an increased amount of content, you would come across both success and failure but use the experience to modify your content production. 

You could utilize the knowledge and insights in TikTok, and by doing so, you could get to what contents work best and receive more traction. Further research on the audiences can help you with new content that suits them. TikTok analytics can be helpful to know each and every detail about the audience. 


If you use the TikTok account for business, it is tricky to maintain social media all at once. And here are the five primary ways that work well in improving your TikTok views. I hope this article will create a revolution for your videos.